We’re so close to being out of the woods. People are getting vaccinated and more and more governments are adopting “first doses first.”

All we have to do is to behave ourselves for a few more months.

But we’re not.

Well, some of us are. But many of us aren’t.

People in places with community spread are going on vacation.

They’re ignoring health guidelines.

They’re flouting restrictions.

They’re lobbying political leaders to relax restrictions.

What seems to be missing for so many of these people is the reason for the restrictions.

For people who are not at high risk in…

In August of 2016, before his election to President, I wondered whether or not Donald Trump was the Greatest Con Man of All Time. (The GOAT-Con? The Con-GOAT? The GCMOAT?)

A year and a half later, still mystified by his support, I wondered how people continue to trust him, as he burns one after the other.

And now, as Joe Biden is the President-Elect, I can’t help but wonder why approximately 70,000,000+ Americans think Trump deserves another term.

There are many reasons why Trump shouldn’ be re-elected. Attempting to list them all would derail this piece.

You can categorize them…

The biggest problem the world faces should go without saying: climate change. Human behaviour is changing the climate to the extent that it will be harder for people to inhabit certain parts of the world, and that will cause all sorts of other problems.

But that problem is long-term, no matter how immediate it seems to climatologists or people who feel it as an immediate problem. It has different impacts on different people and most people have trouble contemplating the actual effects — or even believing if it is real — unless it affects them.

I live in a well…

It’s a story out of a bad Hollywood message movie:

A black man is shot in the back seven times by police, in front of his kids.

In the ensuing protests, an armed white teenager is allowed by police to freely patrol the streets until he kills people and then is allowed to get away.

If this was a movie, I’d write a scathing review of how contrived the plot is.

It’s Crash-level bad writing.

And yet, it happened.

And events like it will continue to happen.

And what’s worse, a large portion of the population of the United States…

Aka the Cult of Charging High Fees Just Because Others Do

I have lost count of the number of times someone has told me my fees are too low.

Just this week I was told by two different people — who don’t know each other — that I needed to raise my fees.

The first guy said I should charge a minimum of CAD$1,000 per client per month.

The second guy said I should charge a minimum of US$2,000-$4,000 per person so that they could participate in a course with other people!!! (This course would only be two months.)

They both said the same thing: people look at my fees and…

In 2017 I wrote a piece about the root of so-called “alternative facts.” I blamed the ability of people to accept alternative facts as truth on Western Philosophy, but specifically on Plato’s essentialist view of reality. The piece became my most widely read ever, dwarfing my books and anything else I’ve published online.

Frankly, I was kind of surprised by the response. …

A recent season of Undisclosed details the arrest and conviction of Fred Freeman for the murder of a community college student in 1986. Freeman was living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan at the time, and the murder occurred in Port Huron, a 6.5 hour drive away.

Witnesses claim to have seen Freeman in the Upper Peninsula the night before the 9AM murder and at noon on the day of the murder as well as throughout the afternoon and evening of the day of the murder.

The night before the murder he was seen a 6.5 hour drive away. And…

The COVID-19 pandemic is a shocking, confusing and life-altering occurrence. For hundreds of thousands of people, it has already proved fatal. Many of us have never experienced anything like this in our lives. And for in the West who were alive during previous pandemics, the reaction to this one feels different, due to the internet and 24 hour news coverage.

So the current pandemic forces us to face all sorts of challenges that most of us are not equipped to deal with. It’s an uncertain situation and this kind of uncertainty brings out our deepest hopes and fears.

Every day…

Throughout most of human history, we haven’t done a good job of understanding objective reality. Learning about objective reality has been a slow, difficult process, with many setbacks, but which has rapidly accelerated in the last few centuries, especially the last one. If you compare the growth of scientific knowledge about the universe versus the length of human existence, it’s a dismal picture until the Scientific Revolution.

Prior to the Scientific Revolution, human beings had knowledge of certain basic objective facts — birth, death, having to eat to live — but basically zero understanding of the reasons for those facts…

COVID-19 is causing all sorts of economic problems. Rather, reactions to COVID-19 are causing all sorts of problems. Behaviour that is good for reducing the spread of this virus is bad for the economy. Nobody is quite sure what to do or how to moderate the inevitable recession.

Our government has a plan, this plan involves giving people money, albeit through means testing. In Ontario, where I live, my government will not be enforcing evictions. There’s been talk of suspending rent and mortgage payments.

These feel like half measures. To what extent will these measures work? And any policies involving…

Riley Haas

I am the author of three books and working on a fourth. I am a liberal, an existentialist, an atheist, and anti-utopian.

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